We, TRAYA NATURAL HEALTH CENTRE are an authentic healthcare centre with modalities like Ayurved, Yoga, Naturopathy, Counseling and other healing methods, envisioned to provide positive heath of the body as well as the mind!

Traya is a Sanskrit word meaning “Three”, representing the universal “Tri-gun” principle.  A balance in the triumvirate of Body- Mind-Nature is essential forgood health and well being.

We offer treatments using scientific therapies rooted in Ayurved, Yoga and Naturopathy. Along with the traditional Ayurved treatments, we have many signature treatments and detox therapies which are incorporated after a complete evaluation of the patient’s body & mind. Our treatments use only natural ingredients –and no harsh chemicals. We believe that sometimes the body needs a nudge to heal. And with the help of nature and ancient wisdom, we can do so – with no side effects to boot!

Our objective is two-fold; prevention and maintenance of positive health for the healthy and complete cure and healing for the diseased!


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