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• Experienced in Holistic Health streams in Yoga, Hydrotherapy, Diet and Exercise
based Life Style modifications, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reflexology, Manipulative
therapies including Massage, Physiotherapy.
• Good hands in treating lifestyle disorders, skin, and related conditions, through Naturopathic diet and yoga.
• Good at pain management, systemic related conditions through manipulative therapies and treatments.

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A graduate in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery from the Goa University; She is a recipient of the Ayurvisharad award, given by the Himalaya drug company. She has participated in various state and interstate level medical seminars and conferences. She also participates in various health seminars, talks and workshops for public awareness. She is a successful SBEBA (Science based evidence based Ayurved) practitioner and incorporates accurate diet regimen and minimal medication in her practice. Strongly believes in the principles of Ayurved and believes it has a higher purpose to serve in today’s era than just to cure physical ailments.

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A Post graduate in Psychotherapy and Counseling, and a Mind coach, internationally certified in Internal Eye Movement Therapy, personally trained under Mr. Andrew Austin founder of IEMT, Ms Kamal Sethna in learning Crystal Therapy, in the process has evolved at every stage and has taken every experience as learning for her growth. Her ability to connect easily to people, provide them the environment to rediscover themselves make her sessions fun, inspiring and introspecting.

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Sunitaa is life design specialist. Her approach to healing is multi-dimensional 360 degree. She has a deep vision of spirituality and inner ability to the outer world thru her strong divine positive energies. She is an Ace Tarot card reader and a Crystal therapist of international repute. Sunitaa has healed many people with their various issues related to the physical ailments, mental and psychological issues using her Healing touch with Crystal therapy and also guided them in their life-path thru her Tarot card readings.
She has touched many people’s lives with her holistic healings and guiding people on their life path and her clientage spread across the globe for almost 11 years.
Sunitaa hails from Jaipur, India, the land of crystals and gemstones, having her base at Dubai-UAE for last 7 years as a facilitator, teacher and therapist at a leading wellness center at Dubai- UAE. Now she is having a base at Goa as well. Sunitaa has mastered many healing modalities and technics to make it a bespoke healing, best suited for a particular individual. Her vast knowledge consists of Crystal Healing, Tarot Cards, Vedic Numerology, Vedic Astrology, Buddhist healing Lama Fera and graphology and various other forms of energy healing techniques from various institute from different parts of world, as she constantly keep upgrading her
A passionate practitioner and teacher of Tarot and Crystal Therapy, today Sunita conducts workshops, classes and offers individual sessions in order to heal and empower people everywhere with her deep passion and understanding of Crystals, Tarot, Numbers and Planets.
People can meet her for a personal one-on-one session for healing or tarot guidance.
She conducts group ‘meditations with crystals’, Workshops on various topics and classes.

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Darpan Kaur is a Alternative Healer and Spiritual Practitioner. She is a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master & Teacher, Bars Practitioner and Certified Angel Card Reader. Darpan combines the various practices and modalities to ease the mind, body and soul. She believes we can choose to heal ourselves at any given point in time.

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As human beings, we experience various kinds of life stressors; it is not very uncommon for our lives to unravel. Dr Poornima Desai is passionate in bringing healing to people who have been experiencing stress, behavioral problems, trauma, relationship issues etc
Her educational background includes BAMS, PGDPK, MA clinical Psychology, YIC(SVYASA). She worked as an intervention facilitator, was involved in training and supervision of lay counselors at SANGATH an NGO committed to improving mental health with focus on research and evidence based practice. She helps her clients who range from children, adults, and elderly to find healthy perceptions of them as peaceful, complete and safe.
As there is no one single approach right for everyone she uses different modality which includes Person Centered Therapy, Gestalt therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology etc.

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Liza is an accomplished designer and artist. She decided to pursue reflexology meaningfully, and trained with leading Indian reflexologist, Namita Unnikrishnan.
She has managed conditions ranging from bronchial allergies to, migraine; mental stress to pain management.